Friday, January 23, 2009

Class Struggle

When I'm bored, and I mean, really bored, I like to click on "next blog" hoping to find life in this universe. I've found some gems, lots of advertising, and a lot of desperate, boring people like me. I've been blogging for less than a month and I already became aware that I belong to the disadvantaged class of bloggers. In another post I'll talk more about the traits of the underprivileged class, but for today, I'll mentioned some of the special privileges that the upper class bloggers enjoy:

1. They were saved by Jesus (Dude, where is my Jesus?!).
2. They have cute, well-behaved children (I don't have children, but the ones I know are a bunch of ugly rude little fuckers).
3. They collect beautiful things such as Hanna Montana dolls, Jonas Brothers dolls, etc. (the only thing I collect is clouds, but they are not as sexy as the Jonas Brothers, dammit!).
4. They are technology savvy (I don't even know how to get rid of that annoying clock I have).
5. They have interesting things to say about life, and when they say it, they say it well using polysyllabic words (I still struggle with speeellling).
6. They have a large number of visitors (I think I'm going to give free chocolate chip cookies to every person who writes a comment on my blog).

Anyway, welcome to my class struggle as a blogger. Underprivileged Bloggers UNITE!


  1. I want to leave a comment even without a reward!

    But the chocolate chip cookies are going to be an excelent plus =9999

  2. Arriba los blogers del mundo
    en pie los esclavos sin fans
    alcémonos todos al grito
    Viva la internacional!

  3. jajaja para mi el ffffffffff era que se estaban fuamdno un porro ajajaj no sé. alla ellos hhaha
    o tal vez querían que la gnte pensara eso.
    o tal vez.......