Wednesday, March 23, 2011

before i sleep

1.I don't have a middle name but i think it should be mediocrity.
2. My parents were going to named me Lucas instead of Laura.
3. I have 22 students. 14 claim their father beats up their mother.
4. I used to think I would end up in a mental institution. There's still time.
5. When I was in college I stole money once to buy food. I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought myself a piece of chicken, mash potatoes and a buiscuit. Out of shame, I don't go to KFC anymore.
6. My last Christian prayer was in 1976. I prayed to Santa Maria one night to make me beautiful. I woke up the following day and I was still ugly.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goodbye, Honeysuckle

She didn't  fit in the terra cotta pot we bought for her years ago. Her roots were craving land. She was too big for our balcony. We gave her a trim. We took her out of her pot and placed her in a Trader Joe's bag. It hurt too much to place her in a trash can. We put a sign on the bag, took her outside, and hoped for the best.

Within a couple hours she was gone.

Goodbye, big girl. I hope you are happy in your new home. May you stretch your roots now.


Yesterday I bought a hippie shirt. I paid $1.99 at the thrift store  for white cotton and little blue flowers.
I brought it home in  plastic bag.

I looked at it this afternoon and shame filled my heart. At 45 I'm still searching for my lemon sun of 1973. 

My heart is a dumb bass drum.