Wednesday, March 23, 2011

before i sleep

1.I don't have a middle name but i think it should be mediocrity.
2. My parents were going to named me Lucas instead of Laura.
3. I have 22 students. 14 claim their father beats up their mother.
4. I used to think I would end up in a mental institution. There's still time.
5. When I was in college I stole money once to buy food. I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought myself a piece of chicken, mash potatoes and a buiscuit. Out of shame, I don't go to KFC anymore.
6. My last Christian prayer was in 1976. I prayed to Santa Maria one night to make me beautiful. I woke up the following day and I was still ugly.


  1. You always find a way to touch my soul.
    My baby clothes were all blue, one of my grandpas was an alcoholic, beated my grandma from time to time, when my mother could escape from that lil hell, she had to give birth a daughter, my older sister, who became an alcoholic. She's now 47. I just grew up in the middle of it, in the middle of a bunch of adults who tried to swim the furious waters of life, and I grew up thinking I would probably sink. But it seems I'm still floating. I've always thought everybody hides sad histories out there. The best thing of getting used to that when you are young, is that it keeps you far from mental institutions when you are an adult.

    You know I loooove you, na na na na na
    You know it's trueeeeee... (:

  2. Hi L.:

    You can't change that happened.
    No one can do it.
    And I know, the vocational work is a kind of prison.
    V. love you.
    N. too.
    Your home, the cats, the plants...
    As you said in your profile: "nothing much".
    Nothing less I tell you.

    "Amanece, que no es poco".

  3. AND... and... I forgot to say:

    1. Even when I don't like to talk about that kind of details of my life at all, I can do it if you find it useful to make up your soul.

    2. Shame on you, shame on you if you ever went to the house of god to ask him to make you even more pretty. He had made you almost perfect already, for f&cks sake! :((((

  4. Noemi:
    thanks for your kind words...and thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your life with us...a big hug for your sister...

    i know it was pretty selfish of me to ask Santa Maria for a pretty face...i was 11 years old...i didn't know there were other important subjects such as world peace, an end to hunger, poverty...etc....i also asked la virgen for a Led Zeppelin album...of course, i didn't get it...

    a lotus flower for you, my friend....

  5. Mr. C.

    I am grateful for V and my cats..and plants...sometimes the (not so good) past makes a comeback when you least expected....

    thank you..

  6. todavia:

    would you visit me in a mental institution? would you make sure that i have access to a window and lots plants?

  7. Normally I do not know what to comment on your blog, somehow I do not feel eloquent enough, but i want to give you someone else's words, from Joan Manuel Serrat.

    Uno se cree
    que las mató
    el tiempo y la ausencia.
    Pero su tren
    vendió boleto
    de ida y vuelta.

    Son aquellas pequeñas cosas,
    que nos dejó un tiempo de rosas
    en un rincón,
    en un papel
    o en un cajón.

    Como un ladrón
    te acechan detrás
    de la puerta.
    Te tienen tan
    a su merced
    como hojas muertas

    que el viento arrastra allá o aquí,
    que te sonríen tristes y
    nos hacen que
    lloremos cuando
    nadie nos ve.