Thursday, May 7, 2009

nostalgia and envy (not in a particular order)

I'm envious of V's ability to write daily. V always has something to say. Of course, V tells me that the daily writing is a recording of the day, a way of saving our experiences and events. I don't want to forget the day either, but somehow, i can't sit down to "record" the day.

Today while I was at Blockbuster video, I found a film that I'd seen in the 1980's, I've heard the mermaids singing. It isn't the kind of film that wins awards, but it brought back memories of my life I had at that time. I think I was 19 years old when I watched the film and somehow it made me feel less ashamed of riding my bike and dreaming.

It is okay for me not to write, but I wonder what memory, the film Twlight will bring in 20 years?

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