Sunday, July 19, 2009

because you should look at the stars

Originally uploaded by Olivia Bee
this is a beautiful video by elliott smith


  1. Hi, I·m Daniel (Urbancronics).
    I liked much your video... the music and song.
    He is pretty to awake in front of a window, with that music and the brightness of the sun.
    I liked your blog. I will follow, thanks.

  2. I'm Daniel (Urbancronics), again.
    Thank you for your participation in my blog.
    Please, say me if you speak English or Spanish.
    Are you your girl of the video?
    I Can connect you for e-mail? If you want, write to me to
    Many questions... some response?

  3. No, no....I am not the girl from the video. When I saw this video on Flickr I loved it so much I decided to post it here. It belongs to beautiful "Olivia Bee." I think there's a little bit of us in her and vice versa.

    I speak English and Spanish, but my English is a little better than my Spanish.

    I told Mactans that I like the way you write. Your use of really inspiring.