Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Argentina arrived this morning

It was difficult not to open the big package when it arrived. I had to wait for V. It was only fair as it was addressed to both of us. I kept the package away from my sight and far away since I know I lack self control.

Thank you, Mr. Crónicas!!!!

Your kind letter and awesome gifts touched us both.  How did you know I love Steinbeck? (and stickers!!!! How did you know I place them on my laptop?)

The only jewelery I wear are dangling earrings and string bracelets. At this moment, I'm wearing a one-string bracelet that was given to me by a Buddhist monk. He told me it was my connection to humanity. It is old and raggedy. But now,  I will wear the bracelet you've sent me. It will be my new connection to humanity...to Argentina...to you, Mr. D.

Thank you so much!!!

Grizzly hugs and artichokes!


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