Monday, November 23, 2009

Ode to Saura

I’m descending to my rabbit hole and I'm taking little Anna Torrent with me.

In this hole, I see that woman who once paid me 40 centavos to leave her house. That woman was my madrina. She didn't have time to spend with me. She was too busy watching telenovelas. Here, go buy yourself some candy, she told me. I took the coins and planted them in one of her geranium pots. My fingers angrily inserted the coins deep into the soil. I heard the sweet, snapping sound of roots breaking. I left her house with a smile on my face.


  1. No lo escucho Trying, solo escucho un llanto que quiere salir desbocado.

  2. me quedo con la niñita con zapatones de Frankenstein de "El espíritu de la colmena"

  3. La Malquerida:
    leí las "happy news"
    gracias, angel henry!
    angel henry es el angel del estacionamiento, pero es el unico que conozco muy bien)

    I am quite shocked to hear you say those words.....didn't i marry a pacifist?

    la niñita con zapatones de Frankenstein es una buena razon para ver la pelicula....