Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm returning to work tomorrow. I can't complain. With the budget crisis here in California, having a job is a priviledge. Resting the body and mind was good. I painted with Matisse. I read a little Zizek (just a little). I listened to Nina Simone and Karen Dalton. I even watched this great film called The Road (I haven't read Cormac McCarthy's novel). I sat down and did nothing (something very difficult to do in these United States). Overall, my vacation felt like the following song in this video......I didn't attend Woodstock (i was too young and too busy sticking my tongue out at the wind), but can you find me in the audience?


  1. I haven't seen the movie. The novel is great, raw, ellegant...

    I am in the audience. Swear it. Look for the boy with the Zizek's book on the shirt pocket.

  2. Lo malo es que el lunes a las 8 am, la cancion que mas se parezca a lo que va a ser tu dia es "Welcome to the Jungle" de Guns & Roses...

  3. cantodecaza: shirt, jeans, long shoes....yeap, i see you...

    at 8 a.m. i was teaching fractions to 28 was really a jungle!
    (try teaching the concept of unequal and equal parts to a 7 year old )

  4. You painted a Matisse? it publishes the photo of the painting, we wished to see it.
    I like as you write the things. Woodstock, Zizek, The Road.
    But, I think that the concept of unequal and equal in this world... nobody knows to it.
    Greetings for the cat (Mousshky?) and Mr. Spider -a dear friend.
    Good return to the jungle, Trying.

  5. Excellent point regarding the concept of unequal and equal in this world, Mr. Crónicas Urbanas.........

    We send you the best and lots of yummy artichokes!

    trying, mr. spider, ramona, and moshki!

  6. Leí el libro La Carretera, que ganó un Pulitzer y me gustó bastante, pero no vi la peli. Me fio de tu criterio cinematográfico, pero no dices si te gustó...

    Pintaste con Matisse... Mujeres desnudas languideciendo...

  7. ...yummy artichokes! that type of greeting is this? I dont know it.
    Thank you equally.

  8. Mr. Crónicas Urbanas, please select the best logical explanation:

    1. I have invested millions of dollars on artichoke stocks (my stock broker has informed me of their success in the stock market). I take every opportunity i receive to advertise this peculiar vegetable....

    2. Artichokes are the underdog of the vegetable world. They are the "nerds." These amazing edible florets have been oppressed for hundreds of years by the tyrannical lettuce and those abusive onions. Enough already! Join the resistance! Say yes to artichokes!

    Alcachofas Unidas Jamás Serán Vencidas!

  9. Thanks Trying...
    Now I understand everything very clearly...

  10. Y decian las alcachofas en una manifestación:

    "No somos una no somos cien, pinches lechugas, cuéntenos bien!"