Sunday, December 13, 2009


Thoughts of the end of the world arrived early today. These apocalyptic thoughts made me hungry for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a Czeslaw Milosz’ poem I read many years ago when I was in my 20’s. The poem is called A Song On The Day The World Ends. Without an ounce of shame,I wrote a pseudo version of that poem, um, well, it's more like a shopping list for doomsday.

Oh, and Mr. Milosz, please forgive me........

On the day the world ends…...

A man rides a bicycle to work.
A cat sleeps and dreams of a big juicy moth.
An apple rots on the ground.

On the day the world ends….

A seahorse gives birth.
A 17 year-old boy shoots up heroin.
A mother washes a spoon.

On the day the world ends...

White seagulls fly to Anacapa Island.
Chavela Vargas sings yo quiero luz de luna
A first grader learns to read the word, mat.

On the day the world ends......

I wear blue jeans and an old red sweater.
I don't remember Nietzche.
I don't remember God,
The periodic table,
Or Daniel Marrodan, the Argentian boy who broke my heart at 15.


  1. I have read your poem, congratulate you, it is very sensitive and exquisite.
    I believe that you have a gift. ¿Have not you thought to write a book?
    I also am from that they suffer every Sunday (as many people).
    Every Sunday we possess the reality and the tedium, the absences become present.
    But the final day does not come.
    At least that way.
    Monday comes, invariably.

  2. thank you, todavia and Mr. Crónicas Urbanas....
    I appreciate your comments...

  3. I'd like to write a seudo-Milosz poem too

  4. I did it: