Saturday, December 26, 2009

no internet

I don’t have access to internet. For Christmas I received technical difficulties. I’m writing from a coffee shop. Yesterday my husband and I took a long walk. The ocean is about three miles away from our house. The following are images we collected:

This boy asked Santa Claus for a litle bit of ocean.

He was not invited to Christmas dinner. He spent the day with the Pacific ocean.

My hands. I had forgotten what they could create when there is not a keyboard in front of them.

" y mami?" asked the boy.
"tu mama esta con nosotros" the father said.
The boy looked around, but he only saw the Pacific ocean in front of him.


  1. Merry offline-Christmas and Happy-Disconnected-New Year!

  2. We have each other......lack of internet won't kill us.....

    We have three years without a television set!

  3. Beautiful history.
    The history of both (todavía and you).
    The shade of your hands ¿doing a heart?
    And another history, the father and your boy.
    It is the satisfaction for omission to "no Internet".

  4. Beautiful photo with your hands...

  5. Beautiful history
    Beautiful photos
    The sea is also beautiful
    Internet is only a complement...