Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Captain Chavela

Last night I had that dream, again. I was pregnant. I had a huge belly. I woke up aching.


This is for the fetus that invaded my dream last night:

I don’t want you anymore. I kissed you goodbye on my 37th birthday. Remember? I placed you on a paper boat that had your name on it.


Captain Chavela, captain of her paper boat.

Please stop invading my dreams. It is time for you to invade the dream of a 26-year-old uterus. Mine is too old for you. Mine is for black birds that need a place to fly. Go rest your baby Buddha head on somebody else’s shoulder. Take your pacifier, your bib, your red little coat, and your diapers and go away. You’re better off being something other than my daughter. You’ re better off being a blue sky. A sweet orange. A yellow M&M. A handful of rice. Cold water in a cup. The last autumn leaf on a maple tree. I don’t want you. I don’t want your Mother’s Day card and your photograph on my wall.

I had enough of your cruel baby invasions. Please stop.


  1. Please... wait a moment, I whised reading again.
    I need more time.
    Thanks, Trying.

  2. Dile también que, para su mala, fortuna Moshki llegó primero y es muy muy pero muuuuuuy celoso.

  3. (Verdad, Noemi, que ella escribe hermoso???)

  4. Hermoso y vivo y crudo... Como un corte en el dedo chorreando vida, no hay más vida en una gota de sangre que en una sola de sus letras.

  5. You must write a book of poetry...
    Do it!

  6. Happy New Year, sweet sad lady.
    Deseo que el nuevo año te traiga paz y otros sueños. Chavela cuidará de Chavela. Tú no barras las flores que cayeron al suelo... Deja que se los lleve el viento.
    Un beso.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hdBNwIOHKk

    :) Un abrazo

  8. Cuando el alma aparece, estalla la poesía...

  9. noemi...

    a lovely new year to you, beautiful lady..


    thank you for sharing the poem with me...i listened to poem yesterday morning...i should listen to poetry more often on Sunday morning...

    Maria Beatriz...

    thank you for your kind comment...