Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter in California

Todavia and I went on a bicycle ride this afternoon. We saved a little California winter for you. We saved a little sun and some sycamore trees. Most of the leaves are gone. But we are still here.

This is the street where we live. Come with us.

(thank you todavia for your editing skills and for holding the camara)


  1. Como quisiera pasear así :)
    aquí las calles son subidas y bajadas muy pronunciadas.
    Muy linda la música.

  2. todavia and implicada:

    prefiero caminar cuando las calles tienen subidas y hermoso donde vive

    las casitas de colores :)

  3. Hi Trying:
    Thank you for showing California in winter. It seems not to do very much coldly, it·s a beautiful street.
    Some day they mostraré my street, my balcony, my plants.
    Todavía are good photographer. He takes good photos. I not.
    (Sorry, but I do not see the plantation of artichokes there).