Monday, January 25, 2010

100.8 degrees fahrenheit

I have a cold, my second one this month.

Last week there was a tornado about 20 miles away from my house.

Southern California must be out of balance.

I had a fever yesterday. I was at war. I fought the enemy with Che Guevara on my side. But in the middle of battle, my husband’s caldo de pollo woke me up. A woman must know when to choose food over war.

Why did Che Guevara choose to fight on my side? I don’t even have a Che t-shirt! Why not George Washington, Morelos, Napoleon or the 54th Massachusetts Infantry?

And who was my enemy?

This morning I didn’t go to work. I slept all morning. Chavela visited my dream. She was about 9 months old. She grabbed my husband with her arms and legs as if she were a kohala bear. Then she grabbed me. I woke up.

Southern California is out of balance.

Somewhere in my dream there's a girl on a mary-go-around and a woman at war.

I wish, I wish my baby was born
And sittin' on its papa's knee
And me, poor girl
And me, poor girl, were dead and gone
And the green grass growin' o'er my feet
I ain't ahead, nor never will be
Till the sweet apple grows
On a sour apple tree

But still I hope the time will come
When you and I shall be as one

I wish I wish my love had died
And sent his soul to wander free
Then we might need a ravens fight
Let our poor bodies rest in peace

The owl, the owl
Is a lonely bird
It chills my heart
With dread and terror
That someone's blood
There on his wing
That someone's blood
There on its feather


  1. ¿Como que quien era tu enemigo en la guerra? ¡Pos el virus de la gripe!

    Por eso te recuperaste rápido: ¡Porque que le dura al compañero Ernesto un chunchurriento vurusito invernal!

  2. take care mixing Ernesto Guevara and caldo de pollo, try them with a spoon of Hölderlin and Johnny Cash

  3. The "caldo de pollo" is the REAL cure.
    My grandma used to say that there's not illness, that can't be solved spending the day at home, having a good "caldo de pollo" :_)

    Southern California is out of balance...

  4. (y ademas -y no es presuncion- me sale bien rico =9 )

  5. Cold it´s not just a sickness, it´s a sign of the lack of a good bowl of soup. Lucky you, you have a cook. Did you put chipotle on your soup? It´s the little extra for your nose.

  6. ¡Qué rico caldo de pollo!
    lleno de amor y cariño todo cura

    te mando una cobija de abrazos :)

  7. thank you....

    the caldo de pollo and your kind comments made me feel a lot better...

  8. Hi Trying:
    You are going to have your t-shirt of El Che.
    Call it this way: El Che.
    Many people believe that El Che lives, of some form. Of some form also Chavela lives in you.
    Sorry, for my late commentary.
    I am glad that you are better.

  9. Qué bien que le sienta a uno el caldo de pollo cuando está engripado! Mi bisabuela española decía que había que frotar el pecho congestionado con grasa de gallina para aliviar el catarro...Imagínate!
    Menos mal que ya te encuentras bien, era de esperar, con tanto amor alrededor!