Sunday, December 20, 2009


There is no school for the next three weeks.
No students.
No lesson plans.
No exams to grade.
No conferences with parents.
No California Standardized Test preparation.
I can go to the restroom anytime.

I desperately need to rest.....meditate.....touch sand....sit down....


  1. Lo mejor es poder ir al baño cuando se te pegue la gana.

    Ah! y no tener que soplarse las juntas de los lunes.

    ¿Y que me dices de quedarse hasta las 7 en cama?

    Tres semanotas nomas para ti =)))

  2. i enjoy sleeping late....but the bed is empty without you.........

  3. post edit:

    well, it 'feels' empty without you......even if ramona and moshki are sleeping next to me...
    geez, i should watch my words...your wife might read this....she is the jelous kind...and a bit nutty too...

  4. Shhh! que si se entera me toca sofá...

  5. Hi, Trying...
    When I read your post, I am late some time in understanding, because my english it is a car to half a machine.
    But today... te post changeg after well-read credit her firstly version!
    Surprisingly it became more short.
    All forms, both they me pleased.
    I liked the vieoclip, too... (That of Zack De La Rocha, and finally of Ravi Shankar).
    Finally, my friend todavía and you, they deserve to be protagonists of Woody's movie. They are real prominent figures.
    The artichokes live forever!!!
    Or not???

  6. You know, Mr. Crónicas, you caught me. Yeah, I did have a Rage Against The Machine video, but after posting it, its energy did not match the relaxing mood I was feeling this Sunday afternoon (blueberry bread and hot tea have that effect). I think I’m going through a musical crisis. One minute I crave the music of my teens and early 20s (hence, Rage Against The Machine) and other times the music of my childhood.

    About being in a Woody Allen film, I would love to be todavia’s Woody ....and he can be my Annie Hall. He is much cuter than I am (damn sexy too).

    But, my friend, I have a proposal for you, would you like to be in a Godard film with todavia and I instead?

    Power to the Artichokes!

    Se ve! Se siente! Las alcachofas estan presente!