Sunday, December 20, 2009


Todavia and I invite Mr. Crónicas Urbanas to reenact the Louvre scene (Godard’s A Band Apart)

Also…..Mr. Crónicas Urbanas would you like to recreate this scene?


  1. Yo, basicamente, bailo como pato, pero se ven sencillos los pasos asi que me apunto =)

    Lo de correr en Louvre lo hago siempre y cuando alguno de ustedes dos pague el viaje a Francia ;)

    Vale que alguien mas de quienes lean tu blog se apunte?

  2. Es mas... se me acaba de ocurrir que hagamos de esto un flash mob!

  3. It is a very good post! I feel honored.
    I am grateful for them, have amused myself very much with the ingenious video-game.
    I would want to act of Franz, because I identify very much with the suit and the tie.
    Bear in mind Arthur (Todavía)that Odile looks at you tenderly.
    I dare to recreate both scenes.
    Proposal accepted.
    (The production of artichokes,and his performance on the market, It will give the sufficient money to "Odile", to finance the trip.)
    Thank you!!!

  4. Mr. Crónicas Urbanas, when I grow up I want to be Odile. I want to be Selma Ježková from Dancer In The Dark, Teresa from The Unbearable Lightness of Being.....Polly, oh, Polly, from I've heard the Mermaids Singing......gosh, so many more....

  5. ah, and don't worry, my artichokes are doing mighty great in the stock market .....we'll be able to finance the trip to France....heck, todavia and i will even travel to Argentina to pick you up.....may be we can stay there a night or empanadas....say "che"...
    read Cortazar....and walk the streets of Buenos Aires at 1 am, singing "quizas porque" (Sui Generis).........

  6. Power to the artichokes!

    Joing the resistance against the oppression of the artichokes!!!!

    Down with the totalitarian tomatoes!

  7. Mmm... Che, Trying, you are a surprise after other one...
    I propose them to make Louvre Godard's scene in the MALBA (Museum of Latin-American Art B.A.).
    And the scene of the dance, in the bar Tortoni...
    I must say to you that that Buenos Aires it's different from that of the epoch of Sui Generis. Today I listen to La Bersuit, my favorite band of rock.
    There are places more dangerous than the Bronx!!!
    But there are other very modern places since Puerto Madero.
    The artichokes continue living!!!
    That cotizen in Wall Street!!!

  8. i will never betray Charlie Garcia! Ever!

    he and i have a history together....we made "coronas de papel de cigarrillllllos"..together, we smoked mary janes at plaza de mayyyo...

    but okay, i'll search La Bersuit on youtube...

    MALBA hmmm, okay!
    Bar Tortoni....yeah!

    Artichokes....hasta la victoria!