Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The recession hits home.

My school district's proposal:

A 4% salary pay cut.
171 teachers are going to be without jobs next school year.
Eight furlough days (employees take days off without pay).
Increase class size (from 20 students to 31 students).

I went to my first protest today. I'm tired. I should go to bed. My day starts at 4:30 am tomorrow.


Fuck you, Arnold!

(i'm sorry for venting)


  1. Sorry to hear that... Always the same song, everywhere... Fight, be brave

  2. It´s so sad when the recession starts hitting so hard in education. My ex-colleagues (teachers) are having the same problems plus working without social security or health security.
    It´s great people is organizing and protesting and that you have a place to vent. (like I say: it´s my blog and I cry if I want to)

  3. Hey! animo que ya dieron el primer paso con la protesta: Una patada en el trasero al %^@$$^%@*@ superintendente!

    Cuida el tuyo, Arnold!

  4. Thanks for your support.

    I am very fortunate that I'm not included in the list of 171 teachers without jobs for next school year. Yet it still aches me to see "young" teachers without work. It hurts work morale.

    My husband and I are simple people. We don't subscribe to fancy cars and big houses, My husband rides a bike to work and I walk to school. We do have a car, but try to use it only when necessary. Nonetheless, the pay cut will hurt. Backpacking in Europe will have to wait.

    Dreaming of Europe is free.

  5. Y siempre estan ahi las fieles y modestas tortas de chorizo con queso y el parque de junto para desquitarnos ;)

  6. if it helps, you have a place in Madrid... (there was a great song, in catalán, that went, in Spanish: mi cas es tu casa, si es que las casas son de alguien")