Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is for my student, Jo...........

Because she plays with her shadow at recess.
Because she builds cinnamon houses in her head.
Because all her houses are empty.
Because she was born in the valley of crystal meth.
Because she tells me she wants a "god blanket."
Because she thinks orange light is sleepy.
Because she spent two years in first grade and she still can't read.
Because she came to my classroom a month ago.


  1. Jo has the visionary heart of Emily Dickinson. You have the power to translate its beating.


  2. Deberias decirle a Jo lo que piensas de ella, a lo mejor asi empieza a imaginar algo dentro de sus casas.

  3. Because you are her teacher
    Because you are sensitive

  4. Beautiful! The world needs more teachers like you.

  5. Hi Trying:
    I have said something similarly in the blog of Implicada.
    She and you, they have apparently same vocation.
    While teachers like that exist, in this world will be hope.
    Hope for Jo. Hope for us.

  6. Thank you for your words of encouragement...

    I've been tutoring Jo at 7 am Mon. through Fri.
    She has made little progress.

    When I arrive at work, she is already there waiting for me. She wears pink tights and a blue jacket that is very old. Her eyes are very sad. We have great conversations.