Saturday, March 6, 2010

A letter from Mexico

I received kind words in the mail. A pair of dangling earrings. A picture of Callejón De Cantaritos. A photograph of Frida Kahlo.

Thank you, Implicada.

It was a lovely surprise.

1. I love dangling earrings. I sometimes make them too. I think I'm a hippie in a universe where I wake up every morning and it is 1968.

2. In the 90's my cousin Dora and I visited Guanajuato. The callejones smelled like oranges and marihuana. We drank vino tinto and sang Maldita Vecindad and Café Tacuba songs in the street at 2 am. We danced with the dead.

3. I discovered Frida Kahlo in the university library where I was studying in the 1980's. The room was dark and cold. Students rarely visited that floor. When I saw her paintings, I felt Frida was mine. We shared dirty secrets.

Thank you for the lovely gifts.

Café Tacuba porque esta noche recordé que un dia bailé con los muertos de la Independencia de 1810.

1 comment:

  1. Me da mucho gusto que haya llegado la carta.
    Tenías mis dudas acerca de Correos de México.

    Me encanta café tacuba :)