Sunday, March 21, 2010

Una silla para C.

No "carnet para conducir" is necessary to get to my house. Pull up a chair. Daniel Johnston is here today. He came to visit. He never brings Spring with him.


  1. Hi Trying:
    I did not know Daniel Johnston, until today.
    I did not need the driver's license, to get to your house.
    Neither asked permission to sit in the chair.
    I enjoyed the vids.
    In the first remembered Woody, I laughed, I was happy.
    In the second, I remembered as part of the script... sadly.
    Thank you for your beautiful post, though the chair was not for me.

  2. Mr. Crónicas:
    You have a space on our sofa and a place in our dining table, that is, if you are not afraid of my cooking. But most important, you already have a space in our hearts.