Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday afternoon.

It was a rough week. Lots of stress at work. My husband is getting over a cold. Cat was sick. Our house is a mess. Lots of laundry to do. Lots of dishes to wash. Car needs an oil change. Income taxes need to be filed.

But for now, we just sit. Read. Think. Feel. Eat avocado sandwiches. Kiss. Go back to an unmade bed. Dream. Play with my new camera. Admit to self that I'm just a kindergarten student and leave the real photographs to experts. This camera is my first box of crayons.

(gracias, todavia por la un regalo hermoso)


  1. Hi Trying:
    There seems to be nothing in disorder.
    I like the short minute, the house light, the plants and the beautiful balcony... your typewriter!
    It's an Olivetti?
    Frida's paintings? a Vermeer painting?
    Your notebooks with stickers? Your glasses?
    Oh, Trying, go to the bed with your husband, leave us alone with the video... worth much more than a minute.
    Thanks for a beautiful minutes.

  2. What is "order" anyway?

    Cat´s better, husband´s better and the taxes´s papers aren´t going to go.
    It´s a pretty weekend and you should enjoy it.

  3. Your zooms are like periods: the typewriter, the balcony, the newspaper...

    Light is great, "safe as milk".

    Now, please, two requests:

    - Keep writing. Don't let the video turn off the real light of your words.

    - Don't call me "expert".

    (By the way, here it's 12:04 am. We're still on pajamas. H is drying her wonderful hair. Last night we cooked sushi and have and the house is a mess too)

  4. Congrats for the new camera. I'm with bichito: keep writing. =)

  5. Mr. Crónicas:
    We took your advice, we went back to bed.
    About the typewritter, yeap, it's my husband's old olivetti. Those paintings you see are "readers." I found them at thrift stores.
    Notebook with stickers? Man, you have x-ray vision...there is a little children's book by Maurice Sendak book on a shelf with a plastic bag on top (inside the bag i have owl stickers for the letter i'm going to send you).

  6. Ministry:
    Thanks! I needed to read that....
    I worked so much that i've forgotten how to truly relax without feeling guilty. My philosophy professor used to tell us, his students, that it was very difficult for people in the United States to sit down and do nothing.
    My husband, todavia, comes really close...He can sit down for hours and enjoy every second of his relaxing time. When his done relaxing, he tells me: Me voy a hechar una jetita!
    (excuse my Spanish, he's not here to check it)

    AARRG! How does this man do it?!

  7. Canto de caza:
    I'm not going to USC Film School anytime soon.

    (oh, man!)


    'Glad to hear your house is in solidarity with ours.

    Okay, i'll stop calling an "expert" (sir, you're to humble) but, can i call you someone who really, really, really, reeeeeeealy knows how to take a damn good photo?

  8. Carolina:
    Thanks! We have been thinking of buying a camera for the longest time. I've been using my husband's camera for the last three years. I wanted my own. He wanted me to have my own too. We looked at a bunch of fancy and expensive cameras, but then i came to the realization that I'm not a photographer and I don't intent to become one. We left the store empty handed. :(

    My husband who is gosh, so good to me, told me: let's go back and let me buy you a little Lumix.


  9. Cierto, no dejes de escribir, pero tampoco dejes de tomar fotos y videos, no hay motivo para que la luz de los unos apague la de lo otro. Deberiamos darnos tiempo para hacer todo lo que nos gusta y dejarnos de preocupar por todo lo que "tenemos" que hacer. Por otro lado, recuerda: este sitio es tuyo, en el puedes hacer lo que te plazca. No hay culpas, ni arrepentimientos, nadie puede ni debe decidir que hacer ni como hacerlo, solo tú.

    Una idea para que tomes videos y fotos sin dejar de escribir, podria ser dejando de trabajar los fines de semana y aceptando que la casa no tiene que estar impecable =)