Friday, March 26, 2010

Two more days

I'm leaving you. Start a little band. Play a mean accordion. Carver on trumpet. Updike on drums.

And Mr. Cheever says do do do do do do do do.


  1. It's hard to imagine John Cheever singing do do do... But gin can do miracles =)

  2. I love Lou Reed in "Faraway, so close", don´t you?


    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi Trying:
    A big theme, I enjoy, thanks for Cheveer.
    Also the Big Andy, so young, presenting the play "Transformers" in New York.
    (Your dreaming of Apples, no coincidence).

  4. canto de caza:
    it's hard to imagine Cheever kissing Walker Evans, but, yeah, with gin everything is possible

    (when i read about their affair in the New York Review Of Books, April 8, 2010 issue, I was flabbergasted, perhaps it was just chisme)

  5. Implicada,

    i haven't heard that song...'gotta look it up....thanks!

  6. Mr. Crónicas

    I have been dreaming of this particular enormous red apple lately. I can't wait!