Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The ear infection i have makes me crave music. Losing my hearing scares me. I save sounds.  I save long hair music on the leaves of my dining table plant. That wobbly chair saves that Incredible String Band song I can't find on YouTube.

I'm teaching second grade again. I didn't like first grade. I lost my patience for shoe laces and the random Spiderman pajama stories.


My parents bought me a little used radio when I was 11 years old. I used to sleep with the radio on hoping  Gimme Shelter would come on. One day I woke up in the middle of the night and this song was playing:


I wanted to save that song.


  1. Hey! que paso con el comentario que yo habia dejado aqui ayer??

    Te decia que no fueras a borrar este post, eh???

  2. save that song for me... I used to played it (and I've forgotten it until now)

  3. Hola Trying:

    Creo que todos mis recuerdos están ligados a alguna canción o melodía...

    Bellísima la letra de White Bird:
    "White bird,
    In a golden cage alone.
    White bird must fly or she will die..."

    Save that song for me too please!

    Un beso

  4. Hi Trying:

    I liked the song and the words of the song, and de vid.
    I hate the caged animals.
    A beautiful day is justified by itself.
    The story of "the nights of radio and your favorite show is special.


  5. todavia:
    i don't know what happened, but you know me....

  6. Maribe:

    Gracias....the song takes me back to those foggy mornings in northern calif...

  7. Mr. Crónicas.....like you, i don't like caged animals....... oh, but the comfort cages bring when there's an overwhelming amount of freedom..

  8. El sentido del oído me parece de los menos controlables. Si no queremos ver, cerramos los ojos. Si no queremos oir, aunque nos tapemos seguiremos escuchando.

    Te recomiendo 'Musicofilia', de Oliver Sacks.


    Es un gusto saber de ti.

  9. Con tu permiso, me la quedo... Saved.