Sunday, August 1, 2010

To iphone, or not to iphone: that is the question

Next Thursday and Friday I will attend a workshop on how to use the ipod touch in my classroom and on my last week of vacation I will attend another two-day  training where I will learn how to use the Promethean board. Yes, I have to say good-bye to the white board and the document camera. Most schools are already using the Promethean boards, but since we are a poor school district we are a bit behind in technology. Here's a video of a Promethean board just in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

At home I've been debating with myself if I should get an iphone. My current cel phone has abuelita written all over it. I think I'm the only person in the universe who doesn't send text messages. Well, there is my husband, but he doesn't even have a cel phone. We are not technophobes, on the contrary, we embrace technology, remember, we met on the internet. My family tells me it is very difficult to communicate with me since my cel phone does not accept text messages. They tell me I'm missing all the family juicy gossip.  By the way, we also have a home telephone which we never answer when it rings. Our philosophy is that we will CALL YOU when we NEED to talk to you. The same goes with my cel phone. I know, sometimes we can be arrogant assholes and incredibly selfish with our time.

I really don't know if an iphone and I will get along. I do like the idea of writing/texting people instead of talking to them.  I'm a lousy talker. "Um" and "like" run amok in my speech and for the life of me I hardly speak in complete sentences. If you ever meet me, I guarantee disappointment.   Yet one factor that bugs me about smart phones is  that so many people walk and check their  phones simultaneously. People, multitasking is so United States and it's really gross! And whatever happened to sitting alone and thinking? If Rodan were alive today his Thinker would be checking his phone. Forget having a conversation with a person under 25, that individual  will check his/her cel phone several times.

It even bothers me that I spend time thinking about iphones. I should be thinking more about BP, Arizona's SB1070, and Wikileaks these days, dammit. These days I feel really stupid and contagious as that ol' Nirvana song goes. This is what I look like when I think of getting an iphone:


  1. No te hagas no te hagas... si te mueres por uno! Ayer los viste y te brillaban los ojos!


  2. Cómpralo y dirás que todo fue en beneficio de tus clases!!!

    La gente que quiere se comunica contigo, tengas o no a la tecnología a tu alcance.

  3. I understand you perfectly. Iphones are so pretty.
    And there it finishes my need of one.

    (Get one if you like them, the last thing you'll want to do with an iphone is communicate)

  4. Hi Trying:

    That board is amazing. It will be many utility.
    You can have any cell phone or communication device, and use it reasonably. (That's not easy).

    But, Arizona: SB1070: that's much more difficult.


  5. mmm... I'm aware of smart phones for smart people...

    by the way, you both seem a photo negative of us: we also met on the Net, h has no cell phone (she screams in front of them) and I have an 'abuelita' one...

  6. Mr. Crónicas...

    i agree Arizona SB1070 is more difficult...stupid...evil...etc.

    i am embarrassed

    about the board...i've been at school all week (getting ready)...according to my new principal, the purpose of the promethean board is to increase our test scores :(

  7. canto de caza:

    i checked the cost of an iphone (gulp!)
    my abue cel phone is looking mighty cool again...

    i like h already, especially because she doesn't have a cel phone....

    about the photo negative of us...some people in mexico say "mi cuate" this is just another way of saying "mi amigo"

    one day v explained to me that "cuate" is a nahuatl word for "mi otro yo"

    we are cuates :)