Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Grade!

I received a telephone call this afternoon. My request to transfer to another school was accepted. Starting August 18, I will teach (drum roll, please):

FIRST GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New school. New grade. Goodbye second grade....Hello, First grade!!!!!!!!!!!

These are not my future students. I just found this video on youtube. I will teach in the so called "bad side" of town. Most of my future students live on or below the poverty line (I chose that school for that reason). I have a difficult and exciting school year ahead. I'm happy. I feel like I'm going back to my  roots.


  1. If I can make it there,
    I'll make it anywhere,
    It's up to you,
    First Grade, Frist gradeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  2. todavia: espero que me tengas paciencia...los primeros meses seran asi:

    mmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaa tttttttt What word am I saying boys and girls?

    ah, y en primero trabajamos con numeros hasta 100 una y otra vez......quiza cuente de dos en dos dormida....

    y llegaré a casa cantando yankee doodle went to town.......y frosty, the snowman.....


  3. Muchas felicidades!!!!

    Alguna vez trabajé con niños de maternal, y es hermoso cantar para ellos y con ellos.

    Diviértete mucho, aprende y da amor a esos niños!!

  4. Hi Trying:

    Should be a great challenge yours...
    Nothing best that a good job enjoyed.


  5. implicada and Mr. Crónicas...

    thanks for your kind words.... i taught first grade many years is very difficult, but rewarding.........