Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things i shouldn't do on vacation

i should not waste time drawing on chalkboard wall.

i should not waste time taking pictures of my sleeping cat. oh, walker evans would NOT approve (moshki, you bastard! i just changed the sheets!)

i should not waste time going to antique shops and buying photos of unwanted and forgotten people.

i should not waste time reblogging pictures on tumblr.

i should not waste time reading.

i should not waste time/money buying a cheap camera for $7.95  at the thrift store 'cause i don't know how to use it.

i should not waste time staring at these two housewives. oh,
 i know they're up to no good.

i should not waste time taking a photograph of kierkegaard. come on, L! enough! you have laundry to do.


  1. I love all the things you SHOULD be doing on vacations instead of laundry. :)

  2. Now I´m really worried about your plans for vacations.

  3. Mentira! No es cierto, no lavo nada!


  4. Hi Trying:

    I think that the vacation are for the things we shouldn't does.
    I love this wall; (drawing the plants, writes: Paldma, No parking?, Moni, etc... Call Vet?)
    Your stickers in the pc.
    All very luminous.
    Ah, Mr. Kierkegaard=a "click" in the philosophy.
    Yeah, the vacation are for the things we shouldn't does. That's protecting your civil rigths since 1923. Sure.

    Free life and dills!!!


  5. Carolina:
    nice to see you again....i'm just being drama queen with laundry and wasting time in a delicious way....

  6. Mr. Crónicas:

    V. painted that chalkwall....i love it too!

    hell, when i'm real' bored i write math problems on the wall

    f(x) = a*sin(bx)+ d*cos(bx)

    V. and I are having Math family night on Thursday...come over....

  7. Yo quiero hacer lo que no debes hacer

  8. I want to live were Kierkegaard was born.

  9. Las vacaciones están para descansar y hacer lo que tengas ganas...
    Hay que disfrutar ese tiempo pues luego tardará otro largo año en volver!

    El lavado puede esperar ;)