Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Songs Are Better When I Don't Understand The Language

I love this song because it fills my mind with an empty highway. Seaguls that have no place to go. A red dress with a bullet hole that hangs on a clothesline. I'm sure the song tells another story.

Now, I speak Spanish, but for the life of me I have a hard time understanding these women when they sing and I love it! Perhaps they're not even singing in Spanish and I'm showing my dumb fuck colors. I do pick up a word in Spanish here and there, but I lose the rest of the language. I think these women enjoy teasing my ears. Please pay attention to the lady’s “ay!” (one of the few words I do understand) at the beginning of the video because, I swear, each “ay!” tells a story that lasts 100 years in a dream.  In the middle of the video, the “doñas” sing and my  “I” gets lost in their songs. Depués las canciones llenan mis manos de almendras y mi casa se llena a olor de membrillo. I don’t understand the hand clapping, pero el  sonido despierta palabras muertas, palabras de sal….palabras de pan…palabras de caña....palabras de chocolate....de agua....de beso...de mantequilla....de ti...

I like to think the next song is about a yellow bicycle I never had when I was 12 years old. This song is about the long white socks that reach just below my knees and about the short skirts that protected me from lust at 15. It tells a story about long hair parted in the middle and about the notebook where I wrote down that I was going  love you forever.

post edit:

I almost forgot Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. One time I rode in a taxi in San Francisco, California. The taxi driver didn't speak  English. I didn't speak Pakistani, but both of us spoke Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. In this video, he sings the famous Allah Hoo. I like to think this song is about what the philosopher, Wittgenstein said in his Tractus Logico- Philosophicus that Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent (By the way, I didn't undertand Tractus, it went over my head, but those words stayed with me). So light a candle or place some LSD on your tongue or do whatever you do and listen to this song with me.



  1. Leerte es reconfirmar que no me equivoque contigo.


  2. todavia:

    I just got out of bed. I gave the cats their treat. It's sunny. June gloom is taking a break. I have you. I have you....

  3. Hi Trying:

    I undestood this post... at the end, when read for first the tittle.
    That silly.
    But after my logical process, after hearing the three songs (damn french), I read your tittle and undestood the feeling.
    The beautiful feel of your words.
    I not need nothing (candles or anything from these) for understand and enjoy.
    Only read, listen and to find the sense.


  4. Mi sobrina solía inventar unas historias hermosas cuando seguía las letras de un cuento y no sabía leer.

    Disfruté las historias que inventaste.