Friday, July 16, 2010


I read a post by Jimena. It left me with this question: Do I have a talent for living?

This is my fourth week on vacation. I’m enjoying it now. I no longer feel I’m chocking on freedom. My life has a routine, a rhythm. Many years ago I used to think having a routine was bad. Boring. Robotic. These days I welcome it. Perhaps I have no talent for living. I look forward being kissed by my husband every morning before he leaves for work. I always mumble something irrational and go back to sleep for another hour. Then, I get up, brush my teeth, clean the cat box, make the bed, play the same old game with Moshki where he hides under the sheets and I pretend I don’t know his whereabouts, start a load of laundry, listen to Democracy Now while I make breakfast…

Not much talent needed to live this way.


  1. Hace falta más talento de lo que piensas: El talento de saber que las aventuras que creemos memorables son apenas un suspiro, hermoso, si, pero minimo comparado con las horas quietas que son su razón de ser.

    Y la nuestra.

  2. I enjoy routines when routines are enjoyable.
    This is my last day of my: wake up at 8, enjoy the coffee in front of my laptop, read emails, read blogs, read the news, say something funny on facebook, study french, play the guitar a little, sing for a while... and so.
    That was part of my routine in the mornings.

    I think only people very talented at living can enjoy as much as you do the simple pleasures, the ordinary times. The enrichment of the person in the inside doesn´t need to be fulfilled with some rush of adrenaline or whatever.

  3. Hi Trying:

    Why you think this about yourself?
    I read Jimena's post too. It's true. It's good.
    But.. I remember your post "The Goodbay Children" (June-18), and the names, love, problems and care.
    The Karen's letter.
    I admire her work: value it you.
    With your permission, I think that you must value your time: the time of job come back soon , enjoy the leisure in the vacations.


  4. Me acordé otra vez de Tomás y Teresa, Milán Kundera dice en alguna parte del libro que los que quieren irse a otro lado son los que no son felices donde están. El talento para vivir está, sin duda alguna, en saber ESTAR. Y leyéndote, se nota que ESTÁS, y por eso hay dulzura. No hay mejor dulzura que la que se puede repetir todos los días, no hay mejor lujo. Cuando uno se siente vivo, cuando uno está feliz, no son las tormentas arrolladoras, sino la simpleza cotidiana, lo que nos hace felices. En esa simpleza, muchas veces, está contenida lo mejor y lo más dulce, y para paladearla, estoy segura, se necesita mucho, pero muchísimo, talento para vivir.
    Ya me aventé otro post de comentario :( Mi inglés no es bueno, pero a ver si a la próxima me animo a comentar en inglés.

  5. todavia, ministry, Mr. Crónicas, and Jimena:

    I appreciate you taking time to stop by and write kind words.

    Your words make me think and feel.

    thank you