Monday, July 26, 2010

Pow! Whack! Bam! Thud! Doink! Oof!

My computer caught an evil virus this morning. It happened while I drooled over some chisel's art work on Flickr. His profile had a website so doofus me clicked on it and mother flickr! I got a winner! A bunch of dreadful little windows kept popping on my computer screen.  Oh, rats! that's all I needed on my vacation. Little scary messages began to appear on the screen informing me that some virus was going to look up my credit card information. Gasp! I reached for my cel phone and I called my credit card company to tell them to put a block on all purchases. Then,  I did what any respectable dame would do in my case: I borrowed my husband laptop  to navigate the rest of the day on the internet and I waited.

When my husband came home, I told him the bad news about the virus, plus I added an extra sentence:  I swear I was not looking at any porno sites. My husband knows me too well, Mondays are not good days for youporn. Ahem. Anyway, he spent hours fighting the virus and in the end my husband won. He kicks ass! Of course, he will never brag about his amazing computer knowledge. 

So, V.. if you are reading this, you have a beautiful brain and an amazing heart. Thank you! 



te amo, Panchito Rogaciano Goodrollinthehay Zapata!


  1. A ver, señorita, respóndame usted: ¿¿¿Que día si es bueno para andar viendo porno????

    Ese malware si sabía defenderse. Por si alguien lee: Si un programa -que ustedes ni sabían que habitaba en su PC- llamado "Security Tools" les avisa que tienen virus, no le crean: Es una trampa que busca averiguar información de su tarjeta de crédito o abrirle paso a un troyano. Este programa baja automáticamente al abrir una pagina infectada. Consigan ayuda, pero no se asusten, deshacerse de el es una lata pero hay remedio.

    Y yo tiamo a ti, Pancracia Filomena Clotildita de Goodronllinthehay Sulayman!

  2. El colorido al llegar de nuevo por acá me ha alegrado :)
    Además de leerlos a uds. con tanto amor.

    felicidades por ganar la batalla!!!

  3. todavia:

    Gracias de nuevo! You're my hero, Ferris Wheeler!

  4. Hi Trying:

    Nice colours, good images into your blog.

    About your problem with virus, porn sites, days of week and credit cards...

    You not drool. And always should be a hero by hand.

    Pow! Whack! Bam! Thud! Doink! Oof! (Kick hard, V.)