Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mothers, don't raise your daughters to be chicken shit

(Thanks to J.C. and Noemi for the video)

I'm a 45 year- old chicken shit next to this girl. I wish I had courage like her....chant like her....protest like in my neighborhood there are many houses for sale as the housing crisis worsens, nonetheless, the streets are quiet....our silence against corporate greed is shameful.....


  1. You aren't chicken shit and you know it :)
    You know, she's really singing! Just the way we like it, huh? She's like a perfect mix between Janis Jopling and La Mala Rodriguez, don't you think? That's why I like her. And that's why I like you. You see the line where 21st century girls become fortunate daughters ;)



  2. * Lol... I meant Joplin and not Jopling, of course :P

  3. No eres "chicken" Pero no puede invocarse a la vida en este país de cadáveres.