Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today we dance

Yeap, 5 years of marriage today......I'm sorry for getting mushy on has been a very romantic week for the two of us:

1. We watched a great film, Carlos(!). Okay, not a romantic film, but it was made for us. Hasta la victoria!!!!

2. Italian dinner. Ravioli. Yummy.

3. Last night somebody tagged the wall across from our house.  It said: WONT CARE. We wondered if it was political, social, or simply bad grammar.

4. I got a bad cold and my husband, like always, spoiled me.

5. So... we dance.


  1. Yo comi "The tour of Itlay" 1360 calorias de puro sabor!. Y no tengo ningún cargo de conciencia. Hasta la mesera nos dijo "wow, tenian hambre!"

    Happy Aniversary!

  2. Hi Trying:

    Happiness for you.

    Please... let me with "La chica del acordeón", is beautyfull.