Sunday, April 17, 2011

Santa Monica Mountains on a Sunday afternoon

When people used to ask the little girl where she came from, she just lifted her index finger and pointed to the blue sky. One day the sky was gray.

Her Spanish words were skinny and thristy (y tenian piojos) and her English only filled up a small  paper bag. How would she learn to  fill silence with color?

She told people she wanted to die at 86. Then, she went to a thrift store and got herself a green chair.

Tell me the story again, you know, the one about the the little roadrunner that stopped.

Wind and plants talking to each other. They left her out of the conversation.


  1. Fue lindo ese paseo. Sobre todo con el montonal de cosas malas con las que me ando llenando el alama desde hace un rato ya. Gracias por ser valiente en ese caminito estrecho y lleno de curvas. =)

  2. :) mmmm qué lindo paseo dominical

    yo quisiera también poder parar un poco

  3. Hi Trying:

    That beautiful is the image.
    Just a little of wind sound on the plants.
    Thanks for share thats.

  4. todavia..

    don't worry....i know you've been so busy lately with your social know i support you 199.7896%

  5. implicada...

    as a teacher, you also know how difficult it is to stop...thanks for your comment..

  6. Mr. Crónicas...

    you've been on our minds these days... we sent you a big envelope not too long ago....we're afraid it didn't arrive......perhaps the content is illegal in argentina (just kidding!!)

    seriously...i hope you get it soon 'cause it would be sad if you don't :(

    about your comment, well, when you come to Cali this year we're gonna take you to the Santa Monica mountains and do a pseudo iron man..yeah, man, we're gonna go a long hike, a long bike ride and a long swim in the pacific ocean..of course, i have get out of my seat and start training too...

    pensándolo bien, mejor nos vamos al boardwalk de s.m. a comer fish tacos :D

    take care, mr.