Thursday, May 5, 2011

A day at USC (University of Southern California)

We went to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC last Saturday.
We wanted tickets to see a conversation between Patti Smith and Dave Eggers, but  it was sold out.
Instead, we got tickets to see Michael Pietsch talk about the David Foster Wallace's Pale King. In our brains the panel started at 5pm, but on paper it started at 4pm. We missed it. Oh, well.
Despite my liberal views and my anti private university views,  I've been a fan of SC since the early 1990's. My former boss was a physical therapist for the USC football/basketball teams in the 1970's. He got me hooked on SC with his football stories.
My boss used to take me to USC football games. We used to sit in the alumni section with the rich and beautiful. I think he wanted to impressed me with his wealth and status. It only made me sad, but it  helped me understand John Cheever stories a little better.

My boss wanted me to do a Master's in Physical Therapy at USC. One day I went to work and I told him: I'm quitting physical therapy. I'm going to be a teacher. We never saw each other again.