Thursday, June 9, 2011

5 more days of school

(If you recall, I transferred to another school this school year. I work in the 'hood where I grew up).

1. I'm exhausted.

2. I still have one student that cannot read.

3. I feel like I'm angry all the time.

4. I see students eating Hot Cheetos for breakfast.

5. Parents are afraid to tell their 7 year-old kids "no."

6. A mother shows up to school with needle marks on her arm.

7. I feel disappointed.

8. Some parents know more about their cars than their child's academic performance.

9. C. told me several times during the school year that his mother didn't love him. I told him, Of course she loves you, C. When he earned an award for improvement in reading his mother didn't attend the awards assembly.

10. A first grader was spotted going around the 'hood and knocking at people's doors. He'd say: I'm hungry. Can you give me something to eat?

11. One of my students showed up to school with a black eye and a bruise on his face.  He claimed he fell at the park.

12. Some parents don't see their children due to their working schedule.

13. Teaching was a motherfucker this year.

14. Ms. A, my mom said she can't come to the conference because she's gonna watch the telenovela.

15. Me:  Señora,  le llamo porque su hija no pone atención a la lección. Se pierde en su mudo y a veces se ve preocupada.
Señora: Aaay, maestra... es que (starts crying) su papá  tiene dos meses en Tijuana y no ha podido pasar la frontera. Yo ya no se que hacer.

16. I'm drowning.

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