Sunday, June 12, 2011

Something is Happening

Please hear me out, I'm gonna share with you some facts you didn't know about my husband:

1. His political Facebook page gets more than 4 million views a month. Yes,  4 million!!!

2. Don't google his name, you won't find him on Facebook. Is not about his name or ego, it's all about El Movimiento.

3. I have to say he is not the only one who works his ass off on this Facebook page, there are  other incredibly smart men that also contribute to the page, so please allow me a few seconds to tell how proud I am of  my husband and the men who spend hours and hours fighting against the corrupt Mexican government. 

I won't tell you his Facebook address. V. has made it clear he wants to keep his blog and his Facebook separately as much as possible.

Today I went with him to Los Angeles to a political rally. He was concerned I'd get bored, but I didn't. Are you kidding?!  I love political rally desmadre!!! Besides, the situation at my work is in the shits, I desperately needed some L.A.

But, wait! Why am I telling you this? Because he won't. Because he's too humble, too proud...too human.

Before the rally was over, the Mexican national anthem was played. I looked at him and told him: this is too nationalistic for me-even the U.S. national anthem is too much for me. He looked at me and told me, I agree. Let's go.

I don't know where his Facebook page is going to take him(us), but something is happening.

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