Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day Of School

1. A student had an epileptic seizure within the first three minutes of school.
2. A student burst into tears uncontrollably after seeing a seizure for the first time.
3. Eighteen students looked at me thinking: Can we trust you?
4. A student told me in a scared, quiet voice, My daddy died last year.
5. My principal told us she is going to change our mascot from Cougars to Cyber Cougars (we are a technology school...whatever that means). I googled Cyber Cougars and I got escort dating services, playboy clubs, porn...


5. My husband sent me this text message at lunch: Te amo harto, harto, hartisisisimo 

I know I sound corny and mushy, but I'm gonna be okay.



  1. Vas a estar bien y tus chicos también.

    Cariños para ti.

  2. Hola Trying:
    El amor no es cursi, le da sentido a la vida. Tú vas a estar bien y todo lo demás se irá acomodando de la mejor manera.


  3. Thank you, ladies for your support. It is going to be a rough year, but I think I'll make it.


  4. Good start... :))

    Think like Beatriz about love. Must feel it and exprese it. Even with words...