Sunday, August 28, 2011

For my homegirl in Calahorra 'cause she understands a girl's dark forest

and because she understands a sick motherfucker film when she sees one too.

She's a badass!


  1. That must be me! Hahahahah!
    Me encanta la forma en la que sacude la sangre de su katana (:
    We should get some HH swords for ourselves...
    A superbig hug for you :D

  2. Noemi,

    First, I gotta say Tarantino is so misunderstood. One day people will see the light (as a teacher of students with ADD, i feel his pain).


    In another world, the two of us are 13 years old and we do a remake of this film in the backyard. I'll play the part of Gogo Yubari.