Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am listening to this song because there’s no more arroz con leche in my cup.

I am listening to this song because all the paper airplanes I sent to Michoacán did not return.

I am listening to this song because I forgot the square root of 8, but not the word cempazuchitl.

I am listening to this song because even though Octavio Paz was an asshole, I still want to walk on his piedras mudas.

I am listening to this song because sometimes you want to return to Mexico and I only know how to live in the land of frozen vegetables.


  1. Ay de mi llorona... :)
    I remember Oaxaca with this song

  2. Es que estoy convencido:

    ¿Como se puede vivir en un país en el que no saben fabricar una escoba decente?

  3. Implicada:
    I went to Oaxaca in 2005. I went alone because V had to work. It was bitter sweet and strange. Perhaps one day I'll write about my experience.

  4. todavia:

    This country does have some drawbacks such as Republicans, Arizona, Disneyland, and yes, those horrible brooms.

  5. Hi Trying:

    I have read the post, and listened to the song.
    Maybe the memories can not be separated, nor the senses or feelings.
    We always expected, somewhere, a cup of arroz con leche (or "café con leche" for me), a face, a place, a song.
    You are much more that: "nothing much".

  6. I have to get that disc, the song will go directly to my folder of "Llorona"´s versions (my favorite still is Chavela Vargas´in the cd she recorded in Madrid).
    This version is great.
    My memories from Oaxaca stay in my lips and my ears, with the names of the towns and the villages.

  7. Ok, Ministry, let me try my response (again)

    I love Chavela Vargas. I was going to name our daughter Chavela. Not Isabela, just 100% Chavela with chile and limón.

    I discovered this version of the song by browsing on youtube. The singer sings too girly for my taste, but there is something i like. What? I don't know, but IT is present when i listen.

    My love for the llorona song began many years ago in Patzcuaro, Michoacán.