Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love my town's public library.


  1. I want to go
    and read Bolaño. :)

  2. Hi Trying:

    2666 it's very good.
    Reading is a good habit.
    That you enjoy.


  3. Implicada:
    My town is the antonym of hip/cool. We don't have much going on here :)

    I've been waiting to read 2666 for a while now....I'm a sucker for short stories,though...let's see if my attention span is long enough for this hefty novel.

  4. Mr. Crónicas:

    First, congratulations! Argentina won! I didnt' watch the game. I went back to bed to read. I don't dislike futbol. On the contrary, i love to watch those sexy young men. Me gustan los futbolistas Argentinos con cabello largo, especialmente si tienen dias que no se afeitan (yes, i love it when V. doesn't shave for days---his my sexy jihad :9 )

    Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, yes, yes... 2666...I'm sure the book is great...I haven't read Bolaño yet....Well, I lie, I did read one of his short stories in the New Yorker years ago, but i don't remember much, so i guess it doesn't count...

    with kindness and lots of dill!