Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If I had a TV tonight....

And this is what I've missed (yeah, in my best Californian accent, i have to say: like, not having a tv, totally sucks, man!)

And then again, fuck TV! I can watch the following online (and you too--well, if you're into trains, hobos, the 1930's, wondering, hitchhiking, and just going somewhere)

Thank you PBS!

Oh, be patient it takes several seconds to see the "play" button.



  1. You can find "Dream of life" in Torrent. It's worth watching it. :)

  2. Cuando teniamos TV no pasaban esto. Terminabamos viendo programas repetidos del show de los remodeladores de casa =P

  3. I can´t stand local channels in Mexico. With the exception of one, all are so so so bad. Then we got a Dish system, but the one from the US, and it´s almost the same thing: 600 channels and like 5 that are worth watching them. Well, I can live without tv... internet, that´s another thing.

  4. Ministry, I grew up in a household where the tv was always on, telenovelas, el chavo, the love boat, brady bunch...you name it, i probably watched it :)

    TV created a sense of synthetic background comfort. At 7pm the screams, the yelling, the fighting, and the threats would suddenly stop and we all gathered around the tv for some soul numbing telenovela from Mexico or Venezuela....

  5. We have a TV, very old, we don´t have brilliant colors, no good signal, it´s there some days lonely, some weeks sad.

  6. Implicada, we gave away our tv set...we really don't regret it....it's just that i'm on vacation and for some strange reason i'm having the mean tv blues....

    i like old tv sets....the kind that with a big slap it starts working again....tv's with a v antena were the best....