Monday, December 27, 2010


Kathi taught me visit the beach at 4 a.m.  It was good to learn to wait for the sun with her. She showed me how to bathe under a meteor shower one night and she never mind that I stayed up late talking to her husband about Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Kathi also taught me how to smoke pot. I didn’t know how to smoke regular cigarettes, so learning the fine art of getting stoned proved to be quite difficult for me.   I was a shy and an uptight girl so to release the “I” from the cage, Kathi had to play Girl by The Beatles.

Now, listen. I want you to follow the rhythm of the song and after each time  John sings " aah, giiiiirl" I want you to inhale long and hard. Got it?

At the end of the song I was flying.

It became routine to have The Beatles’ music playing on the background whenever I was at Kathi’s house. She sensed I was lost. She used to tell me that a Beatle’s song would always take me home.

Tonight my husband sleeps. I want to sleep and dream with him, but my thoughts and worries keep me awake. I already played Norwegian Wood and I me Mine over and over.

I want to go home.

(Kathi...I'm sorry I can't take away your Parkinson's Disease. I'm sorry I've never been a wise kinda of a friend)


  1. Other pot-smokers/Beatle-listeners want to know:
    Does that sense of being lost ever disappear? Could you say you are totally free of it after all?

  2. Deberias ir a visitarla hoy, que tienes tiempo.

  3. Trying:
    Es curioso cómo algunos momentos de nuestra existencia marcan nuestra alma para siempre.
    No dejes que el tiempo que corre velozmente, te robe la oportunidad de recordar junto a tu amiga Kathi lo vivido...

    Que el próximo año traiga para ti mucha Luz y Amor!

  4. Noemi:
    It's only temporary :(

    My philosophy teacher used to tell me:
    Oooh! catch it! Don't let go!

    I tried.

  5. Todavia:

    At this moment I can't compete with Hawaii, Australia and London. She loves being in those places. I'll catch up with her soon.

  6. María Beatriz:

    Gracias! You're always so kind. I'm glad we have human beings like you. Thank you.

    ...and have a peaceful new year too.