Friday, December 17, 2010

May I please I have a side order of blue pills?

I argued with the sales clerk for a while. She had neglected to give me the drugs that came with the Disneyland tickets. I was freaking out. Thoughts of being inside the amusement park with Sleeping Beauty under the influence of REALITY terrified me. I wanted my blue pills!

Just look at the fucking video!!!  You'll see that you only gave me the tickets!

I woke up. It was only a dream.


My husband and I went to Disneyland last year and hated it the experience. However, we had a good laugh too. I never had a craving for blue pills until this dream.

(I can't claim to be a Traffic fan, but I love love love this song. I also like Mr. Winwood's face here. I want what his lungs inhaled)


  1. No te hagas que hasta saliste con orejitas de Mickey con tu nombre. =)

    Ademas, ¿ Olvidas que fuimos por mandato divino?

  2. Buying a Mickey Mouse hat was the sad and pathetic effect of growing up in extreme poverty.

    My parents were unable to take their six children to happiest place on Earth. Imagine...growing up three hours away from Disneyland and not being able to sucked!

    Visiting Disneyland last year, yes, it was a sign from the divine, but it was also a psychological journey I needed to take. I needed to say FUCK YOU, DISNEY!!!

    Disneyland should be free for all children.

    Disney charges $75 to enter their amusement park. Minimum wage is California is $8.50 an hour! My students' parents earn that amount. Therefore, they can't go!

    So, FUCK OFF, Mickey!!!

  3. Ni hablar, que se chingue mickey

  4. Ok, it's true. I came by looking for some other blue pills. I'm leaaaving right nowwww :0)