Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sugar Cookies

Are we conventional?

I ask my husband as I bake sugar cookies.

Depende, he says.

He expands on the definition of conventionality in a long Spanish narrative.

My ADD brain starts to wonder.

I wish I could speak Spanish like him. I stick my finger in one of his words.


Sprinkling cinnamon on sugar cookies is conventional, I tell him.

But going to bed at 6:30pm is not conventional.


We lay next to each other.


I turn on my side and grab Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee.
He falls asleep.

I start crying after reading four pages.

I close the book.
I reach for his hand.

I’m asking the wrong the question.


  1. Galletas de canela espolvoreadas con existencialismo no con un platillo convencional.

  2. Ayer mi físico y yo cenamos pan tostado espolvoreado con canela y azúcar.
    Le llamamos el pan dulce de los pobres, porque no vamos a la panadería.

    Me gustan tus preguntas.

  3. Hi Trying:
    There are "conventionality" when we prepare our image for outsiders.
    The "Sugar Cookie" would be better or sweeter without V.?
    If: one ingredient is missing, but that you can't repair that theme.
    Because that can not be bought, and no one can give it away it's better to enjoy what we have.
    The best thing for you, for you two: a universe of delicious sugar cookies (because you do it for you, not for others).
    Greetings, the best for you T.

  4. Not conventional at all...

  5. implicada...

    buena idea! i'll add sugar and cinnamon to my toast next time...thanks!

  6. Mr. Crónicas:

    I think i was feeling insecure that day. On days like this i want somebody to give me a "conventional credential." But in order to qualify for one we must:
    1. have 2.5 children
    2. have TV
    3. vote republican
    4. have faith in the christian right
    5. buy annual passes to disneyland
    6. have two cars

  7. Noemi...

    Nice to see you around here!
    Have a lovely new year, young lady!!!