Friday, April 2, 2010

A married couple in New York city

We found two ducks on Tuesday afternoon in Central Park. It had been raining all day. Our clothes and shoes were soaked. We were tired. We looked at the birds closely, but these feathery animals were not Salinger's ducks. They were geese. We held hands and kept walking.


  1. I envy you: even for the geese

  2. Monski and Ramona missed you, they told me.
    Welcome home.

  3. Hi Trying:
    I see it, as in a Mr. Salinger story.
    I see it, as one of Mr. Allen movie.
    The world may end, with you holding hands, walking through Central Park... raining.

  4. Implicada: We missed our cats too. And thank you, it is nice to be back home.

  5. The two best places to be soaking wet must be: in a movie and in NY. I´m glad you were in one at least.
    Welcome back.