Monday, April 12, 2010


My friend  told me this:

Salvatore wore two ties, one for the physical world and the other for the spiritual world.

How many ties do you wear?

This is for Salvatore who sat next to Jim (my friend's brother) for many years in a mental institution. Jim never got over the Vietnam war. Salvatore claimed to be from the kingdom of God. Thank you, Salvatore, for keeping Jim company.


  1. Ojalá se pudiera leer lo que Salvatore decia con el acento italiano que lo decía

  2. I don't wear any tie, but I like Salvatore's idea :D

  3. Hi Trying:
    Salvatore is a real person?
    He was a priest or something?
    I regret not understand that. The vid of Nick Drake is beautiful.

  4. (Salvatore was a real person. He was mentally ill. My friend told me Salvatore's story many years ago during Christmas. Every Chrismas, my friend wears two ties in honor of Salvatore.

    Jim is my friend's brother. He was also instutionalized after fighting the war in Vietnam. Salvatore's was Jim's friend, well, the relationship was more like "parallel playing.")

  5. Understand. I regret having been there. Thanks.