Monday, April 19, 2010

Save me

It happened again. I was participating in my daily walk. I had my headphones on. I had my ipod on. Tommy Guerro was jamming away. Then, I saw them approaching me: the Mormon Missionaries. Since I have brown skin, the cute men from Utah assumed I didn't speak English, so in their broken Spanish they began to ask me these questions:

1. Adónde vamos después de esta vida?
2. Cuál es el propósito de la vida?


I was just thinking about the shades of blue of blue in the sky and my washer (the knob is broken). I removed my headphones. I turned off my ipod. I smiled.

I smiled because even at my age, I still look like I need to be saved.

Saved from what?

I don't know. I don't care.

But it feels damn good to know that I still look dangerous, confused, empty, stupid......alive.

post edit: After reading canto de caza's comment, i was reminded of Aimee Mann's video (Thank you, sir):



    and then... raining frogs

  2. the word verification blogspot asks me before posting comments was:


  3. Les hubieras preguntado si sabian algo sobre reparacion de lavadoras.

  4. Hi Trying:
    It often happens, yes.
    If you disturb, ignore them.

  5. todavia: el alma de lavadora está maldita...necesita reparacion urgentemente...

  6. Crónicas: it amazes me how these nice and friendly men have the courage to talk to it their passion?

    i actually enjoy talking to them, not about their belief in Jesus...but about their muy metiche...i ask them a lot of questions.....

    i often have fantasies about being a chocolate missionary.....i want to walk the streets and convince people milk chocolate would save their soul.....

  7. Trying:
    They do not courage or "metiche".
    I do not believe in that passion. Sorry.
    I think today I can tell you about Jesus and tomorrow is another thing.
    May they be generous and give you a new washer...
    (¿Changed your apple dream, again; for a Chocolate missionary?)

  8. (Another) coincidence:

    Our water electric heater broke last Saturday. So we have to wash ourselves with little jars of hot water from the kitchen. We were a little 'cochinos' during these days. Dreaming on hippie tents and so on...

    A funny and patient 'fontanero' from Perú came yesterday. All is ok now. We are clean European people.

    I don't know if I must be happy.

  9. canto de caza: i have to try a little jar bath one a patio...with a record player from the 1930's playing some old song that reminds me of silk stocking hanging on some hanger.......

  10. I thought you were about to say that you pursued them shouthing: "save me! please! save me! I need to be saved" scared them, and made them walk away...

    That would be kind of funny :D

    I also enjoyed talking to them, till I found out they were at least as lost as I am, and it turned out that we all had a lot of questions, and eventually they gave up ringing my bell until today. I don't know why, maybe I'm too lost and I'm not a good companion.