Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Night with The Dude

It appears that every other article in the Los Angeles Times is about Gustavo Dudamel. Angelenos are going gaga over this man from Venezuela. I don't blame them; his love of music is contagious. I think I'm catching the Bravo Gustavo virus.

Okay, first, Los Angeles is not famous for it's great intellectual ability, but, holy guacamole, did The Los Angeles Philharmonic demonstrate some smarts when they hired The Dude to be their conductor. Perhaps in the future, my husband and I will visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall (gulp! did I say Disney?!) and spend some time with the L.A. Phil. Second, why am I talking about about Dudamel? Like, I'm not training to write a music review for the Rolling Stone magazine any time soon, you know. Anyway, I'm quite happy today, so I just wanted to listen to Danzon No. 2....that's all.

(Here's my favorite article about The Dude written by John Densmore, yeah, the guy from The Doors)

Here's a video of Mr. Dudamel conducting the Simon Bolivar Orchestra:


  1. My Favorite of all favorites, Danzón #2. I love Dudamel´s version with this little tropic punch (I love his curly black hair too and what a smile) but I definitely keep in my heart Eduardo García Barrios´ version. First tima I heard it I was listening at the radio and then it was on. I had to stop the car because I couldn´t hold the tears for the emotion of that beautiful music. Then I looked for it not knowing either the name or the composer. But I was lucky.
    I keep close to my heart too a cd signed by Arturo Marquez (one of my boyfriends) and Garcia Barrios.

  2. I am not sure if I could enjoy Dudamel... I am not sure if I could enjoy a musician with a national flag instead of shirt.

  3. ministry: i haven't heard eduardo garcia barrios' version....i'll look it up...i think i understand that "emotion."

  4. canto de caza: i was not aware of the national flag.....i just saw/heard a young man who loves music......

  5. your heart is enough for me