Sunday, October 31, 2010

i can have my cake and eat it too

My birthday month celebration came to an end yesterday as we celebrated my 45 years of existance in this wonderful galaxy.

I'm a cake snob.

In most situations I'm a humble down to earth girl who buys her clothes at thrift shops and drives a 14 year old Honda. But if I'm going to eat  four million calories I want every damn one to be worth the extra pound I'm going to gain. Dammit! For the last 4 years I've been going to the fanciest bakery in the county and I buy the most expensive cake I can find. As you can see, there was some serious psychological birthday drama in my childhood so this is my therapy. I'm convinced that a trip to France's bakeries will cure me from my birthday hang ups.

                            I "accidently" tasted the frosting before cutting it.


  1. Y si estas grave porque fueron dos pasteles y ese era el chiquito =)

    Si hay que llevarte hasta Francia a comprar un pastel, voy a tener que sacrificarme e ir contigo... ni modo ;)

  2. Happy Birthday, Trying:

    Wow, That's that I call a big and beautyfull piece of cake.
    Powerful and light, low calories?
    Not at all, just delicious (as seen).

    Yes, you and V. go to France, eat cake and run through The Louvre.

    Be happy two, friends.


  3. you know, delicious cakes are my other pornography....mmmmh

    i like eating left over cake with you on a sunday like today....

  4. Que rico pastel! en los cumpleaños una puede comer todoooooo lo que queremos :)
    pregunatmelo a mi ! jajajaja
    Imagino que así como se veía de lindo el pastel, estaba de bueno.

  5. millenia:

    it was delicious! I saved a big piece for you!