Monday, October 4, 2010

October Wish #1

Excuse me while I indulge this month on me, me, and me! It is my birthday month and dammit, I will cry if I want to.

Actually, work is kicking my sorry ass. It has been a difficult school year. I need this space to release some tension. I have sweet students. They are bright and most of the don't speak English, but I'm working long hours. I can't really complain, at least I have a job, like,  you know?

Okay, going back to my first October wish: I want to teach Math with this energy and passion. In my fantasy it would be possible to teach algebra and functions and number sense in this manner to 22 second graders.

Can you spot me in the crowd?



  1. October is a great month to celebrate your birth. Happy birthday! I hope your wishes come true.

  2. Sí te reconocí con la playera roja, jejejeje
    Ya quiero saber tus demás deseos :)

  3. Ministry:
    Thank you!

    When I started living with V he told me he wanted to celebrate my b-day for one whole week. I became really spoiled! So, i thought, whata hell, let's celebrate it all month!!!