Friday, October 22, 2010

youth 101

During my second year in college ( at a university located very close to the Orange Curtain and far away from Truth) I took a tv break bewtween my exercise phisiology class and my abnormal psychology class  to watch the Challanger. We were excited for Krista McAuliffe and her space dreams.  I had big career dreams too. I was going to become a successful physical therapist, perhaps I would even work for the USC football team. As I sat down watching the challanger I learned what happens to youth's dreams.


  1. Sometimes the fire burns the desires :(

  2. A veces los sueños de juventud se cumplen, a veces no. Quién decide cuáles serán realidad y cuáles no, no lo sabemos.
    Es parte del gran misterio de la vida y su riesgo...

    (Disculpa que te escriba en español, mi inglés es terrorífico!Ja)


  3. Hi Trying:

    Enter your post three times, but I could not write. I have a opinion very hard on this issue.


  4. implicada...María Beatriz...and Crónicas:

    Perhaps I should have titled my post "hubris 101."

    Youth dreams are anything but humble. I was a young arrogant punk just like NASA...just like em, this country.....the explotation brought me back to earth.

  5. Yo queria estudiar veterninaria, y trabajar en Africa curando leones y cebras. No se quien iba a pagar por mi trabajo y creia aque las fieras se dejarian curar tranquilamente. =)